Please send the following submission to the inquiry. Please add your personal story. This will mean the submission carries even more weight.

    Dear Committee Secretary,

    I am...

    I support marriage equality because...

    I oppose legal exemptions that allow discrimination against LGBTI couples because...

    I believe the Bill should make it clear that there is no discrimination in Marriage regardless of sex, gender or sexual orientation because...

    Best wishes,

    New discrimination has no place in a Marriage Equality Bill

    Tell Parliament you want LGBTI couples treated the same as other couples. Parliament is conducting an inquiry into the Government's marriage equality bill. The Government bill allows civil celebrants and religious organisations to discriminate against LGBTI couples in ways that won't be allowed for heterosexual couples.


    It's essential you write your submission in your OWN WORDS, or the Committee will not treat it as a proper submission.

    Follow these simple steps to ensure your submission gets attention...

    (1) Write YOUR OWN brief opening paragraph.

    Ideas: Are you LGBTI or Q? How many years have you waited for marriage equality? Why is it important to you and your family?

    (2) Make a series of YOUR OWN specific points about why exemptions that allow discrimination in wedding-services must not be allowed, especially when they target LGBTI couples.

    Idea:This Bill allows civil celebrants and military celebrants, who perform non-religious, civil duties on behalf of the Government, to refuse to marry LGBTI couples on grounds of religion or conscience. This is not currently permitted when marrying heterosexual couples. State in your OWN WORDS why you object to such exemptions, especially because they target LGBTI people.

    Idea: This Bill allows wedding-related commercial services to be denied to LGBTI couples, again on religious grounds. In your OWN WORDS state why you believe these exemptions are discriminatory, especially because they only apply to same-sex couples.

    Idea: This Bill does not make it clear that all Australians have the right to marry regardless of gender, sex or sexual orientation. Previous bills have made this clear. State in your OWN WORDS why you believe any two consenting adults should be able to marry in Australia, and why this should be spelt out.

    (3) Keep your submission relevant. Why? Because the committee has strict terms of reference focussing mainly on exemptions that allow discrimination against LGBTI couples.